I can order your tires if I don't have what you are looking for (100.00 deposit). See the bottom of the page for current tires.

Use the form to contact me and let me know the Bike then tire  brand, model and tire size.

Swing Arm Spools/Bobbins. I have swing arm spools for 10.00 installed. Now you can get the swing arm stand which uses the spools. They are much easier to use than the regular swing arm stand.

If you hate paying 60.00 per wheel and 150.00 per hour at the shop, maybe I can help you out. 

I have these tires in stock now:
These are new tires with installed prices:

End of season - Limited tires on the shelf.

​ *Bridgestone S21 - Last Set - 180/55-17 & 120/70-17 -  230.00

​​Bridgestone S22                          180/55-17 & 120/70-17 -  260.00

I apologize. I was recently burned by yet another Harley owner over my 20.00 tire change price. Apparently, 20.00 is too high. So I figure at 20.00 a wheel it is no longer worth my time to work on any Harley's. The only people who have disrespected me helping out riders have all been on a Harley Davidson. It takes over an hour to replace a rear wheel on the bike and it is an extremely difficult job. So because of the few negative interactions, I have decided not to do anymore Harley's. You are welcome to bring your Harley Davidson wheels and tires and I will gladly mount them.

Some time ago in a galaxy far, far away I had a friend who owned a Harley shop. He used to do the work on my bikes.

Once the Harley craze took over the Earth, he was to busy making money so he didn't have the time to mount and balance tires.

He graciously allowed me to use his tools. This worked out in my favor. I would show up at his shop whenever

I needed tires and mount and balance my stuff and if he had any customer wheels I would catch them for him. After about a fifteen year relationship,

it became to inconvenient for me and my friends to  meet and go to the shop to do tires. So I bought my own tools. This gave me the luxury of changing

tires at odd times day or night. Once word got out that I had the tools, people started flooding to my house from everywhere.

Now we live in the mountains and I still have my tools. So for the cost of wheel weights and a valve stem, I will mount and balance your tires.

I don't do this as a business. I already know how to make money. I do this to meet people and make new friends.

And most of all to find people who have the same outlook on life as I have, who enjoy riding the twisty roads that God has created for us.

If this sounds like you, come on by and I will take care of your tires. If you think I am just a cheap tire business, please go somewhere else.

Motorcycle tires in Murphy, NC - Mounting and computer balancing for all bikes.

You will be amazed at how much you will save over going to the dealership.

Once you get your tires e-mail me: MikeE@ridewnc.com

We will set up a time and date when it will be good for both of us to do this.

I prefer the wheels be off the bike, but if you have never done it before I will help you.

I charge 20.00 per wheel if you are bringing your own tires. (ON or OFF of the bike)

 This is not a labor charge and I am not a business.
The 20.00 dollars pays for wheel weights, valve stems, tire disposal fees and maintaining the Computer Balancers.
I install aluminum 90 degree valve stems. Not Rubber, unless I have to.

Local shops in Murphy, NC charge 50.00 to as high as 101.00 per wheel in Andrews, NC.

I will order tires for you: You will Paypal 100.00 before I place the order.I have been stuck with tires before. Sometimes it is difficult to sell an odd sized tire or the tire brand you like is not the popular choice. It hurts when I take a loss. Then it comes out of my pocket and I like to eat, too.

I can usually get tires next day if I order Monday through Friday. Tires ordered on Saturday come on Tuesday.
If I buy your tires, the mounting cost is still only 20.00 per wheel. I purchase all tires from https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/.

 Now the fine print:
I am not responsible for any damage to your wheel. I will use all the safe guards to protect the wheel from damage. But just like at a dealership, wheels can get scratched. It is just paint. 
I do everything possible to avoid any damage to your wheel. I can and have saved people virtually hundreds of dollars over the dealership. If you think the saving is worth the risk, then bring me your wheels. There are no metal parts on my tire changers which will come in contact with a wheel. Clamps, beed breaker and duckhead are nylon.

If you are in need, I sometimes have used spare tires available.

Tire Services

Motorcycle Tires Installed: Murphy, Andrews, Marble, Bryson City, Cherokee, Franklin, Hayesville, Sylva, Copper Basin, Blairsville, Blue Ridge, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Cleveland, Athens, Elijay, Jasper, Clayton, Young Harris, Hiawasee, Ranger

YES- I can do single sided swing arms. Bring me your BMW, Honda, Ducati, MV, Triumph

I currently use a Coats 220 or W-M807X  tire machine along with a W-977 and a Snap-On computer balancer. All professional tools to complete a professional tire replacement.

Cheap Motorcycle Tires

Cheap mount and balance

Professional service

Professional Tools and Computer balancer

Murphy, NC - Western North Carolina